House of the Dragon Fans Have A Wild Theory About Larys Strong, And I Think I’m Buying It


House of the Dragon Fans Have A Wild Theory About Larys Strong, And I Think I’m Buying It

House of the Dragon’s sixth episode was a big one for Larys Strong, and fans have theories.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Larys Strong Explained

I review, breakdown and explain Larys Strong from House Of The Dragon Episode 5. I react to the character whilst looking at his appearances in the show. I discuss who Larys Strong is, his relationship with Ser Harwin, Lyonel Strong and also if he is going to be the Little Finger of the show. I also give my theories and predictions for the characters future in episode 6.

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��Larys Strong: Spymaster and Greenseer of the Weirwoods

Larys Strong also known as the Clubfoot, played by Matthew Needham, is one of the most interesting and deeply confusing characters in House of the Dragon. The sly spymaster and Lord Confessor slid into Episode Three of HOTD, unnoticed by most of the audience which is his way. In this I’ll be explaining how Larys is the character you should be the most excited for and how exactly the youngest son of Lord Lyonel Strong may have a lot more in common with Bryden Rivers aka the Bloodraven and Bran Stark than you may realize. He may be a skinchanger and greenseer, controlling the rats to spy on the Red Keep. The weirwood is in the red keep for a reason.

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00:00 Larys’ less than grand entrance
02:59 The Curse of harrenhal
05:56 Master of Gossip
08:37 Larys’ Method
11:21 The Bloody Princess
12:46 The Enigma
15:42 The Bloodraven
18:20 A Trip to the Isle of Faces
21:47 Bran the Broken and Larys the Clubfoot
24:14 Why do they keep showing that weirwood?
26:47 Night King Dance Party

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Larys Strong Hidden SECRET? House of the Dragon Theory

In this FraudOnTheTele answers the question, what is Larys Strong hidden secret? In this house of the dragon theory we examine a strange potential link between Larys strong and a rat.

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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 2 – Full Episode

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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 2 – Full Episode
House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 2
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