Why Game Of Thrones Took So Long To Confirm Jon Snow’s Parents, According To One Star

Why Game Of Thrones Took So Long To Confirm Jon Snow’s Parents, According To One Star

Game of Thrones took its time in revealing the details of Jon Snow’s birth and parents. One Thrones star spoke to CinemaBlend about why fans were waiting for so long.



R+L=J means — Rhaegar Targaryen + Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow

1. Following the tourney at Harrenhall, where the victor Rheagar Targaryen caused a scandal by naming Lyanna Stark the “queen of love and beauty” instead of his own wife, Lyanna was “kidnapped” by Rheagar Targaryen.

2. Robert had been engaged to Lyanna (she did not approve of the match, believing that Robert would never be faithful). Robert started a war to get her back and eventually kills Rheagar in battle.

3. Upon Rhaegar’s death, Daenery’s mother (who is pregnant) and brother flee Kings Landing to safety at Dragonstone. Rhaegar’s wife and children are kept in King’s Landing by the Mad King Aerys. (His wife, Elia was from Dorne, and Aerys hoped to use her as collateral against Dorne’s fealty in the war.)

4.The Lannister army arrives at Kings Landing, having only finally sided with Robert essentially once the war is won. To prove loyalty, Tywin Lannister orders the mountain Gregor Clegane to kill Rhaegar’s wife and children. Ned is very upset about this and has a falling out with Robert about it. At this time, Jamie Lannister also assassinated the mad king (Daenerys’s father). After hundreds of years of Targaryen rule, Robert is crowned king and marries Cercei Lannister.

5. (SPOILERS BOOK): in the books, though not shown here, Robert is injured in battle so Ned ventures out alone and eventually reaches the tower where Rhaegar has been keeping Lyanna. He fights through three Kingsguard who Rhaegar has stationed there. Ned questions their presence there, as they were not in kings landing to protect the mad king when he died, nor were they with the heir Rheagar when he was killed in battle. They now have no king to guard besides the newly crowned Robert. They give ambiguous answers, stating that the kingsguard “do not flee” and they “keep their vows”. Ned kills them with difficulty with the help of his companions, and enters the tower. He finds that Lyanna is dying in a “bed of blood” and she makes him promise her something unknown before dying. This promise haunts him repeatedly in his book chapters/ internal monologues.)

6. Ned returns home to Winterfell with a newborn baby which he claims as his bastard son. Catelyn is shocked, as her and Ned were just married at the beginning of the war and he’s been away fighting since. She has just given birth to Robb. Having this bastard son will prove to be a source of great dishonor for Ned and strain on his marriage, as he is known for being an incredibly honorable man.

7. This bastard son, Jon is raised at Winterfell. He eventually joins his Uncle Benjen at the nights watch, relinquishing all lands, titles and fortunes.

8. Upon the death of the Hand of the King Jon Arryn, which catalyzes the whole saga of A Song of Ice and Fire, Robert asks Ned to become Hand. Ned accepts begrudgingly.

9. Robert is seen to be a drunk, philandering and lazy king, who is spiraling the crown into debt with his excess. Ned later refuses to cooperate with Robert in the murder of Daenerys Targaryen and her unborn child, and quits. This is the second time that Robert has shown a desire to kill every Targaryen he can find, child or not, as the Targaryen’s are the only family that could threaten his rule.

10. Ned is later reinstated as hand. He goes on to discover that Roberts children are illegitimate. Before telling Robert, he first warns Cercei to flee, insinuating that Robert will kill her and her children. This honorable decision is later his downfall. Cercei turns on him following Robert’s death and has him imprisoned and beheaded for treason. Before his death, he lies and confesses his treason for the sake of Sansa who is being held by Cercei. He dishonors himself for the life and safety of a child, not for the first time.

11. After Ned’s death, we start to see different opinions which call into question the story that Ned put forth: that Jon is his bastard son.
a)Many people insinuate that Ned was incredibly honorable, and it was uncharacteristic for him to have fathered a bastard.
b)We see from Deanerys’s perspective that Rheagar was actually a quiet, thoughtful, honorable guy who was likely in love with Lyanna.
c)Ned at different points refuses to talk to Robert, Catelyn and Jon about the identity of Jon’s mother. Sansa and Arya also tell us he very rarely talked about Lyanna.
d)Before Ned dies, his thoughts indicate that he’s remembering his sister dying, then he thinks of Jon and how he wishes he could speak to him again.
e)Before learning of his father’s death, Bran has a vision that he sees his father in the crypts at Winterfell: he seems sad and was saying something about Jon that Bran can’t recall.

:: – History is written by the victors – ::


Jon Snow’s Parents Game of Thrones Confirmed by HBO

Jon Snow’s parents on Game of Thrones were confirmed by HBO in an infographic. Learn who Jon’s parents are in the TV show. [SPOILERS}
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For years fans have had theories about who Jon Snow’s parents were on Game of Thrones. The story that Jon was Ned Stark’s bastard just didn’t seem to add up.
The most popular theory was R+L=J, or Rhaegar Targaryen plus Lyanna Stark equals Jon Snow. Jon’s parentage has yet to be revealed in a Song of Ice and Fire, but Game of Thrones show runners Dan and Dave released an infographic today that clearly shows who his parents are. This video contains massive spoilers.
In our video we take a close look at the infographic and layout the background story for the Tower of Joy. We look at a brief history of both of Jon Snow’s parents and explain the implications of the show’s reveal.

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All scenes about Rhaegar and Lyanna in Game of Thrones S01-S06

Pls remind me of any that I missed. I just wanted to explore the tower of joy revelation from the point of view of a show watcher.

Jon Snow’s Father and Mother Official Parents Confirmed by HBO Game of Thrones

Jon Snow’s true parents have been confirmed by HBO. Father and Mother of Jon Snow are confirmed by HBO in a family tree graphic. Links to the website and family tree graphic are in the Description Box below. Click “Show More” for the website links

Here is the HBO website link

Here is the great InfoGraphic with Jon Snow Family Tree









See the Connections Behind Ned’s Promise With This Infographic
June 28, 2016By Making Game of Thrones Blog
Game of Thrones relationships are complicated as this diagram proves. Spoilers ahead.

“The Winds of Winter” finally took us inside the Tower of Joy. Here’s a brief recap of what brought Ned there:

The only daughter of Rickard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Lyanna Stark was engaged to marry Robert Baratheon. According to Littlefinger, eyebrows were raised at a tourney hosted at Harrenhal when Prince Rhaegar Targaryen rode past his own wife, Princess Elia Martel, and presented his winner’s crown of winter roses to Lyanna instead.

Sometime after, news spread that Rhaegar had abducted Lyanna. When her brother Ned made his way to Dorne and found the Tower of Joy, he discovered his sister, Lyanna, drenched in blood and sweat on a bed. “Promise me, Ned,” she whispered as a brown-eyed newborn was placed into her brother’s arms.

To see how they key players related to each other at that moment in GoT history, check out the infographic below. R+L=J theory


Following the revelation that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard — but rather the son of his sister Lyanna — in Sunday’s season six finale of Game of Thrones, viewers were left wondering about the identity of the former Lord Commander’s father. However, they didn’t have to wait too long to find out the answer, as HBO released an infographic Tuesday that seemed to confirm the popular R+L=J theory — i.e., that Rhaegar Targaryen is actually Jon’s dear old dad. Jon Snow’s parents are revealed.